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  • The compact, efficient XR5 System from Rayence features an array of advanced design innovations to optimize workflow, increase staff efficiency and improve patient throughput while maintaining a comfortable patient experience.

    While it is manufactured to hospital standards, it is still affordable for clinics and private practice installations.

    1) 1 5" Touch screen control panel

    2) Various X-ray tubes and generators available

    3) Two-knob manual LED light collimator and Linear laser beam option

    4) Elevating 4-way floating table or fixed height 4-way floating table

    5) Cassette bucky with moving reciprocating grid or DR bucky for 17"x17" fixed detectors or magnetic charging bucky for 17"x17" wireless detectors

    6) Standard length 86.61" table top or optional short length 74.01" table top

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