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  • Rayence’s compact, efficient RU3000 Premium U-Arm System features an array of advanced
    design innovations to optimize workflow, increase staff efficiency and improve patient throughput while maintaining a comfortable patient experience.

    The Rayence RU3000 is an excellent option for all hospital and clinical settings.

    The flexible floor-mounted system accommodates
    8’ ceilings, maximizing every square foot of office
    space and improving patient positioning capabilities.
    It uses a small form factor detector for head-end and
    foot-end access, simplifying anatomy positioning by
    placing the patient in front the detector to optimize

    1) The floor-to-wall-mounted main column
    supports vertical movement with a dual-speed,
    motorized swivel arm.

    2) The swivel arm features a 135˚ range of motion
    with detents at 0˚, 30˚, 90˚ and 120˚, plus 39” of
    vertical arm movement.

    3)Tube mounted system control panel.

    4)An collimator employs a LED light field indicator and
    two-knob manual control to optimize patient positioning.
    Can be equipped with a linear laser beam as an option.

    5)440 lb. capacity mobile patient table
    is optional for RU3000 U-Arm DR system.

    6) Detector Bucky with Removable Grid.

    7)Indicator showing SID and rotation angle of arm.

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